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Group Photo

The Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre is a Sovereign Dynastic Military Order of Chivalry, founded in AD 325 by Constantine the Great.

The Order is an international moral entity and promotes humanitarian, philanthropic, ecumenical and cultural activities.
Humanitarian and Philanthropic activities are carried out on the initiative of the Grand Priories.
Each Grand Priory is autonomous, and with the participation of the Members of the Grand Priory, identifies particular needs in their territory to promote and organise activities utilising their own resources.

Membership of OBSS is open to Male (Knight) and Female (Dame) Candidates who have reached the age of twenty five (25), without distinction of nationality or race, provided they are of impeccable moral and civic conduct.

For further information or to request admission, please send an e-mail directly to info@obss.org or simply fill in the required fields on this page.

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